A Click- Funnel is the new and improved website design that converts website visitors into paying customers.

A Sales funnel is the process where you guide a lead or a prospect through in order to transform them into a buyer. Sales Funnel convert leads into clients.

Sales Funnels have different stages:

This is the first stage, when people enter your funnel they don’t really know about your business or your offer. Basically this part of the process is to show them what you have to offer or what your business is about in order to call their attention. Pure exposure from your ads where people decide if they are interested in your offer.

The people that showed interest on the first stages of your funnel, this narrows down the potential clients, people that are actually interested in your offer.

Decision / Evaluation:
After someone has shown interest on your offer the next phase is where they start evaluating if they are going to take action. Commonly potential buyers will decide to buy your offer or your competitors one. They evaluate the pro’s and con’s and after this they make a decision.

After the whole process visitors have to take the decision to basically go forward and take the offer or simply decline it.

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