We know it’s not easy to build a business from scratch or to scale in a crowed online world.
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Purchase Intent
Over 80% of Snapchat's users are frequent online shoppers which leads in combination to low saturation, shows that users are 4 times more likely to make a purchase after seeing your ad on Snapchat over any other platform.
Tired of not being able to stand out due to all the noise? Did you know that only 1/100 brands use Snapchat ads? On Snapchat we can make your brand and products top of mind for your ideal customers.
More than half of Snapchat's 250m daily users  don't even go on any other platforms each day. Did you know over 75% of the population from the UK and the US from the ages 18-35 use Snapchat?
User Base
Sick of high ad costs eating into your profit margins? When we run ads Snapchat you can expect your ad costs to be cut in half. So for the price of a cheap coffee you can reach a thousand of your ideal customers!
Why Choose our Snapchat ads package?
Using our teams full resources we managed to to double the total sales of our clients brand in less than 3 weeks.
Using the power of Snapchat ads we were quickly able to scale a new brand from zero to over $40k per week in a little under 30 days.
want results like these?
Oliver C.
CBD Brand Owner
We were constantly struggling with online sales as there are just some many other CBD brands around. Easiir Media helped us bring our daily sales from a mere 10 all the way to over 60 in a matter of a few months!
What our customers
think of us
Alex D.
High End Fashion Brand Founder
We never realised how effective Snapchat was! We have now nearly doubled our total sales this quarter thanks to Easiir Media. They have superb communication and went beyond of what was expected by us.
Depending on the goal of your campaigns, we can provide daily or weekly updates to keep you informed.
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We’ll also help you design all the creatives you need to run your campaigns.
campaign creation
A dedicated account manager works closely with our clients to ensure the quality of the service.
account managers
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